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You don't have to be in bed to enhance your emotional connection. You can be at the gym, at the movies, in the a restaurant, spending time together at home, being close and intimate. Often, it is when you are both relaxed that he is most interested in sex. These are the times when he can connect with you, and that connection will strengthen his libido. 



If you or your lover has serious stress or is not sleeping well, chances are your sex life may suffer as a consequence. But you can still maintaining intimacy by cuddling, kissing, and touching. Help each other find positive ways to deal with stress to keep intimacy alive one step at a time. 



One of the most common quarrels couples have is how much SEX they should have. It is best to talk about it. Be Open, Honest and Brave ask for what you want and learn to comprise. Tell each other your favorite time of the day, position, and how much times of the week you would like to have sex. 


Releasing Your Inner Vixen

Every woman has an inner vixen. Who is she? She is the no-hold-barred, carefree, confident, brave and sexual woman who lives inside all of us. She believes in the power of pleasure, high heels, and red lipstick. She can make and old T-shirt and messy hear look sexy. Men are in awe of her and women sometimes envy her.  Perhaps you haven't seen your inner vixen since high school or since you became a mother and or wife but even still she is there waiting to be unleash at any given time.

Rediscovering you sex appeal

Underneath the routine and rush of and whatever your body-image issues there is a very sexy, seductive, happy and powerful woman inside of you. 

Your inner vixen doesn't necessarily have a perfect body she is there to encapsulate your seductive potential and push you to come up with new ways of displaying it. 

But how do you get back in touch with your inner vixen is where I can help you.