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If you have been in a relationship for a long time chances are your sex life haven taken a BIG hit  because all the energy has been invested in raising a family, working, children, and everything else seams to be more important  Many times, couples  end up having very little sex or no sex at all. 

However I can help you understand that good sex requires more than just good communication – it requires creativity, bravery and boldness  to create a relationship where seduction, passion and desire can grow and thrive. Just know you have the ability to have that type of Sex life. Ask me how you can start your journey to passionate today!



  • Learn how to deal with different types of sex drive
  • Communicate in a way that restores intimacy and invites deeper love
  • Share your fantasies and fetishes  without pressure or judgment
  • we all have different desire and learning how to meet those are important.
  • Overcome lifelong intimacy blocks that get in the way of connection
  • Learn how to give each other sexual nirvana 
  • Explore new ways that can bring the spark back 

Take your relationship to a level of communication, love and connection you never thought possible. In our sex therapy for couples sessions, we will begin with where you are in your relationship, making sure there is connection, empathy and acceptance, and moving to creating the most fulfilling sexual connection between the two of you. 

Loving Again!!!


Learn to Love Again