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Hello, my name is Chanelle Fleary and welcome to my website. I hope somehow I can be helpful to you and you can enjoy what I have to offer. Here is a brief description of myself. I was born and raised in Trinidad. When I was 17 years old I moved to Newark, New Jersey, where I lived with my mother, sister, two brothers, and grandmother. It was very hard to get used to the culture, and I was bullied at school for looking different and my accent was very strong which made it hard to communicate with my classmates. 

I later dropped out and went to an adult learning center and got my GED. I then decided to pursue my passion to become a Chef. Later on, I started my family and stayed home with my children and follow my husband as he joined the US Army. So far we've had an amazing journey as we have traveled the US. As the children grew up I started to wonder what my purpose in life? I decided to go back to school, but this time I was going to be studying Psychology with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis, however as I'm now almost to nearing the completion of my degree, I felt like something was missing. I did not want to only work with people who need a psychologist, but anyone who just needs a listening ear. As I was researching the topic of coaching, I saw a particular reading on sexuality coaching. 

From there I realized I was comfortable talking to others about sex. I also realized that as much as sex sells there is something taboo about sex. The fact is people do not know how to deal with or accept the way sex is evolving. True sex is not new, however, because the world that we live in things are changing every day. As I started the journey as a sex coach I was a bit nervous, but I stepped into the unknown and so I have no regrets. I am just thankful that I took the chance, and now have the education and the skills to coach couples, singles, young and young at heart. Anyone who would like to improve the way they feel about themselves and or their partner to include, improving communication, intimacy, mind-blowing orgasm, and oral Sex or simply learning and exploring your fantasies or fetishes you may have. Love yourself with no reservations. You can have fun while talking through the roadblocks that stand between you and you enjoying your best life. Live with no regrets. Make the choice because not choosing is the same as not living.

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